Outpatient treatment in Maryland is often a better option for those with mild substance abuse disorders. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) can be successfully integrated into long-term treatment plans. Outpatient treatment options are a method for clients to gain valuable support without having the stress of setting aside daily responsibilities and personal obligations to family and work.

Fresh Start Recovery Center in Maryland offers an intensive outpatient treatment program that provides clients with the flexibility they need to work on their recovery while continuing to follow through with daily obligations. Reach out to Fresh Start’s trained professionals today at 833.625.0398 to discuss the right treatment options for you or your loved one.

4 Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

For those who do not need a medically-assisted detox, IOP allows clients to benefit from the valuable insights provided by professional assistance without the complications that can arise during inpatient treatment. Some clients prefer this option as they are able to return to their home at the end of the day and sleep in their own bed.

1. You Can Keep Being There For Your Family

In an intensive outpatient program, clients can choose to remain at home or stay in sober living community housing while they undergo treatment.

2. Support for Family Members

Addiction is a disease that isolates its victims. At Fresh Start’s IOP, clients begin to mend the relationships that their addiction has strained or damaged. This process involves educating family members about substance abuse disorders and creating strategies to promote long-term recovery.

Family members of those with substance abuse issues often need additional support themselves. Outpatient programs in Maryland provide a variety of services to help family members. Providing a client’s family with the tools they need to aid in lasting recovery allows them to become a greater resource on the path to sober living.

3. Discretion

When a client enters inpatient treatment, they may be required to inform their employer or find an additional way to explain why they will be temporarily unavailable. Outpatient treatment options sidestep having to navigate this tricky terrain by allowing clients the flexibility to continue following through with their daily responsibilities to work and family.

Others simply want to maintain more privacy or are hesitant to engage in group work. While group therapy offers many proven benefits, it’s not for everyone. Private or more introverted clients may shy away from sharing their personal situations with strangers, even if those individuals may have relatable experiences to share. Compassion and empathy are only effective when an individual is receptive to the therapeutic treatment. There are always options to suit your particular circumstances.

4. Aftercare Services

Incorporating aftercare programs for Addiction into your personalized treatment plan is an important part of an IOP. After doing the hard work of addressing issues of mental health and addiction counseling, effective aftercare helps clients prevent relapse. Clients at Fresh Start work with our team of medical professionals to develop an aftercare plan that addresses issues particular to your life situation in order to ensure a safe and lasting recovery.

Is an IOP Right for You?

A few reasons to consider an IOP include:

  • Personal responsibilities related to work, child care, family obligations, are barriers to committing to a full-time inpatient treatment program
  • You’ve already received treatment in a residential inpatient treatment program
  • You’ve participated in a partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • You wish to return to work or other aspects of daily life but feel you need to continue a form of treatment such as aftercare
  • An inpatient program seems to be too much of a financial burden
  • You want to expand their support network as they continue their path to recovery

Reach Out to Fresh Start Today to Discuss Treatment Options

If you think an intensive outpatient program may be right for you, Fresh Start’s medical professionals are ready to discuss treatment options today. Our team will help you form a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Recovery is just around the corner. Contact us today at 833.625.0398 to speak with a trained medical expert who will guide you on your path to a better tomorrow.

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